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Yuma County Court Records

Yuma County court records refer to files, documents, and electronic archives held and maintained by courthouses in the county. Such information and documents are usually filed at the courthouse or processed through the courthouse. The courthouse also appoints a records custodian who ensures proper maintenance of the records and professional processing of records requests.

Are Court Records Public in Yuma County?

Court records created in Yuma County, Arizona, are generally public. The Arizona Public Records Laws ensure that anyone in the state and its counties can approach any governmental institution and request records. Generally, public court records are available at courthouses where the documents were filed. Requesters can also use online judiciary portals to request records or conduct a public court records search. These judiciary portals include Superior Court Record RequestsArizona Court Case Finder, and Public Access to Court Information.

Yuma County Court Records Search

Yuma County court records search is available to anyone in the county according to the provisions of the Arizona Public Records Laws. These laws allow anyone in Arizona State to inspect public records, including public court records. Yuma County court records search can be done in person by going to the courthouse to conduct the search or make a records request. It can also be done using online alternatives or mail.

Yuma County Court Records Search by Name

Using a name search is one of the most effective ways of retrieving records. This option is often provided on government platforms to simplify records searches. However, requesters must provide details about the records sought or the registrant. Such details usually include the individual's first or last name and a location central to the records.

Yuma County maintains a physical and digital records archive according to state regulations, which require that government agencies provide public access to records for inspection. When requesters submit records requests, a records search will be conducted to determine the availability of the records. Online records archives are also available for requesters to submit their record requests or conduct a search.

Note: Requesters will also be required to pay any fees the court clerk charges for retrieving and making copies of records. The custodian can also request a valid ID to verify the requester’s identity and access authorization for the records.

Yuma County Courts

Yuma County operates a judicial system that aligns with Arizona's judicial structure. The courts are classified into four tiers, with the Superior Courts being the highest in the county. There are also Justice and Municipal Courts to exercise original civil and criminal jurisdiction in the county.

Yuma County Criminal Records

Yuma County’s criminal records are available in various avenues. Criminal history and activity records can be accessed at the county’s Superior Courts or the Sheriff’s Office Records Department. Criminal records detail a group or individual’s criminal history and activities in the county. Record seekers can approach the relevant Superior Courthouse to make a physical record request or search in Yuma County. Physical requests are to be made at the governmental building location to the record custodian at official hours of work days.

Requesters can also use the Criminal History Record Check from the Sheriff’s Office Records Department to request criminal history records. The Superior Court Record Requests and Arizona Court Case Finder are judiciary websites offering online access to some records.

Yuma County Criminal Court Case Lookup

Yuma County criminal court case lookup is available physically, by going to the relevant courthouse and meeting the court clerk, or remotely through online alternatives. Criminal court cases are available as part of public court records and can be accessed using any of the available Arizona or Yuma County judiciary portals.

Get Yuma County Civil Court Records

Yuma County civil court records are available to residents and non-residents of the county in accordance with the provisions of the Arizona Public Records Law. The open books legislation applies to all courts and all types of cases.

The Yuma County Sheriff’s Office Civil Department resolves civil disputes and can offer some records on civil cases, especially the initial stages of the dispute or resolution process. Alternatively, requesters can go to any courthouse to make a physical records search or request to the court clerk.

Requesters must approach the court where the required case or record was filed. Attention should be paid to courts with civil jurisdiction in Yuma County, such as the Superior and Justice Courts. Depending on the volume of civil court records requested, a fee will be charged on requests or searches.

Civil court records will reveal details on civil cases such as mental health, domestic relations, probate, adoptions, tax issues, and contract disputes. Online alternatives to a physical civil court record request or record search at the courthouse include the Superior Court Record Requests and Arizona Court Case Finder platforms. The Yuma County City Records portal also offers an avenue for making records requests or various types of public records, including court records.

Yuma County Family Court Records

Yuma County family court records refer to files, documents, and electronic archives created and maintained for family law cases in the county’s family courts. According to the Arizona Public Records Law, these records are public records, except for documents and information deemed classified or exempted by the legislation.

Family court records detail family law cases, including adoption, child custody, spousal support, divorce, paternity, child support, and property allocation. Requesters can approach the courthouse physically to make a family court record request. Alternatively, requests may be submitted online or by mail.

Note: Requesters may need to provide a valid ID. An ID y may be required for various reasons, including verifying the requester’s access authorization or confirming the requester’s qualification for a fee waiver.

Yuma Dissolution of Marriage Records

Yuma County’s dissolution of marriage records include documents and archives for processing a divorce petition. According to Arizona’s public records law, these are public records, allowing residents and non-residents access to dissolution of marriage records. Record seekers can request marriage dissolution records from the county’s Office of Vital Statistics. Yuma County courts will also have these records through divorce petitions filed at the courts. Requesters can approach the court clerk at the courthouse where the divorce petition was filed.

Yuma County Marriage and Divorce Records

Yuma County marriage and divorce records refer to documents and archives for civil unions and marriage dissolutions. These records are available through the county’s Vital Statistics Office and through the courts. Record seekers can use the City Records website to request marriage certificates or court documents relating to them. Requesters can get marriage and divorce records through courthouses across the county. In-person requests can be made at the Superior Courts and Justice Courts locations. However, such records will require some fees to obtain them. Marriage records cost $30 for a certified copy and another $30 for searches done after the initial year. Alternatively, the Yuma County Marriage License portal allows requesters to obtain copies of marriage licenses.

Yuma Birth and Death Records

Yuma County birth and death records refer to archives and documentation detailing births and deaths in the county, including birth and death certificates and the circumstances surrounding them. The Yuma County Vital Statistics Office and the City Records portal maintain such records. These portals allow eligible persons to request a copy of a birth or death certificate through the Office of Vital Records, Arizona Department of Health Services.

Birth and Death records are also available at hospitals across the county. Record seekers can approach any location of the Vital Statistics Office or hospitals to make physical requests for birth and death records. Fees can be charged for accessing these records, and ID verification can be required occasionally.

Note: Arizona is a closed records state. Birth records of less than 75 years and death certificates of less than 50 years can only be obtained by eligible parties, namely registrants and close relations.

Yuma County Probate Court Records

Yuma County probate court records include documents and archives filed at the court’s probate registry. Such records are created in process cases involving personal administration, adoptions, a minor’s guardianship, name changes, and a deceased’s estate. Probate proceedings are public, making probate court records public in accordance with the Arizona Public Records Law. Requesters can access probate court records by physically going to the probate registry and court clerks to request probate court documents. The Yuma County Probate portal is also available to process probate requests, check probate requests, or send probate record requests. Requesters must be ready to pay any fees charged and to provide a valid ID if requested.

Yuma County Property Records

Yuma County property records are archives and documentation for real property taxation, ownership, and title interest. These records detail a property’s mortgage, address, mailing address, surveys, and assessment rolls. Yuma County Property records are maintained by the County Assessor and County Recorder. The offices are available between 8 am and 5 pm on weekdays.

Yuma County Court Records Online

Record seekers can use the Arizona Court Case FinderPublic Access to Court Information, or Superior Court Record Requests to search through Yuma County court records or send a records request.

Yuma County court records are available physically at the courthouse and online using any judiciary website. These judiciary websites allow requesters to do a records search remotely or send in a record request to the relevant court clerk. The websites include Public Access to Court InformationSuperior Court Record Requests, and Arizona Court Case Finder. There are also third-party websites like that offer updated public court records. These third-party websites save requesters time when processing requests and the fees charged. However, requesters must verify information obtained from third-party websites with records from official sources, especially for sensitive information.

Yuma County Courts

Yuma County operates a judicial system that aligns with Arizona's judicial structure. The courts are classified into four tiers, with the Superior Courts being the highest in the county. There are also Justice and Municipal Courts to exercise original civil and criminal jurisdiction in the county. Yuma County’s courts are indexed as follows:

Superior Courts in Yuma County
Yuma County Superior Court
Yuma County Justice Center
250 West 2nd Street
Uite, Yuma, AZ 85364
(928) 817-4210 - Phone
(928) 817-4211 - Fax

Yuma County Superior Court
Juvenile Justice Center
2440 West 28th Street, Yuma, AZ 85364
(928) 314-1900 - Phone
(928) 314-1996

Yuma County Justice Courts
South County Justice Court - Precinct 2
1358 East Liberty Street
P.O. Box 7650
San Luis, AZ 85349
(928) 314-5100 - Phone

Wellton Justice Court - Precinct 3
10620 Dome Street
P.O. Box 384
Wellton, AZ85356
(928) 785-3321 - Phone

Yuma Justice Court - Precinct 1
250 West 2nd Street
Suite A, Yuma, AZ 85364
(928) 817-4100 - Phone
(928) 817-4101 - Fax

Yuma County Municipal Courts
San Luis Municipal Court
767 North 1st Avenue
P.O. Box 1670
San Luis, AZ 85349
(928) 341-8595 - Phone
(928) 627-2335 - Fax

Somerton Municipal Court
350 West Main Street
Somerton, AZ 85350
(928) 627-2722 - Phone

Wellton Municipal Court
10250 Dome Street
Wellton, AZ 85356
(928) 785-3321

Yuma Municipal Court
1515 South 2nd Avenue
Yuma, AZ 85364
(928) 373-4800 - Phone
(928) 329-2876 - Fax

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