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Mohave County Court Records

Mohave County court records are official documents detailing the actions and decisions in a court of law. They are vital in the legal process as they give an accurate account of everything that transpired in court while ensuring equality and impartiality during court proceedings. In some instances, court records may serve as evidence for future lawsuits.

Generally, Arizona Court records provide case details, which may include the names of parties involved—plaintiff and defendant—case numbers and case type. They also hold information on filings and pleadings, such as complaints, motions, and petitions. Other details in a court record are the court orders, transcripts, evidence, case history, court dates, case disposition, and judgments.

Are Court Records Public in Mohave County?

Mohave County court records are public records. Under the Arizona Public Records Law, most of the records in the custody of any government agency are deemed public and subject to disclosure. Such records are also open for viewing and copying. Some examples of Mohave County's public records include court, arrest, property, records, election, and business records.

However, although the law grants access to court records, certain court records are closed to the public. Per state law, sealed court records, confidential information contained in a court record, ongoing investigations, sensitive family law matters, and court records containing information about victims of certain crimes are exempted from public access. Specifically, juvenile court records, adoption records, child custody, child visitation, mental health, medical records, trade secrets, and domestic violence cases are not open for inspection or copying.

Furthermore, the law requires the record custodians to redact confidential or personally identifiable information in a court record. Court records that do not contain the social security number, driver's license number, home addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, financial information, or sensitive medical information are redacted from court records.

Mohave County Court Records Search

There are several options available to persons conducting a Mohave County court records search. The Mohave Superior Court provides online access to court records. In addition, record seekers may view and request copies of court records in person at the courthouse during business hours. The county also permits persons interested in obtaining copies of Mohave County to order the record by mail.

Mohave County Court Records Search by Name

Persons interested in performing a name-based search for Mohave County court records can utilize the Public Access to Court Case Information provided by the Arizona Judicial Branch. Record seekers must have the last and first name or business name and the date of birth to conduct a Mohave County court record search by name.

In addition, the eAccess Portal provides online access to Mohave criminal and civil court cases filed in the county from July 1, 2010, to the present. The platform permits searchers to look up case information using the case name. There is no fee required to view the first page of the record. However, to view and download all document pages, record seekers will pay a $10 fee. There is a $40 charge for persons obtaining electronically certified copies of the record.

Mohave County Courts

The trial court system of Mohave County is made up of 3 Superior Courts and 4 Justice and Municipal Courts. The courthouse locations are as follows:

Superior Courts in Mohave County

Mohave County Superior Court - Bullhead City
2225 Trane Road
Bullhead City, AZ 86442
Phone: (928) 758-0730


Mohave County Superior Court - Kingman
401 East Spring Street
P.O. Box 7000
Kingman, AZ 86402
Phone: (928) 753-0713


Mohave County Superior Court - Lake Havasu
2001 College Drive
Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403
Phone: (928) 453-0701

Justice Courts in Mohave County

Bullhead City Justice Court
2225 Trane Road
Bullhead City, AZ 86442
Phone: (928) 758-0709
Fax: (928) 758-2644


Kingman / Cerbat Justice Court
524 West Beale Street, P.O. Box 29
Kingman, AZ 86402
Phone: (928) 753-0710
Fax: (928) 753-7840


Lake Havasu Consolidated Court - Justice
2001 College Drive, Suite 148
Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403
Phone: (928) 453-0705
Fax: (928) 680-0193


North Canyon Consolidated Court - Justice
2100 South Hwy 389
P.O. Box 3160
Colorado City, AZ 86021
Phone: (928) 875-8700
Fax: (928) 875-2495

Municipal Courts in Mohave County

Bullhead City Municipal Court
1255 Marina Blvd
Bullhead City, AZ 86442
Phone: (928) 763-0130
Fax: (928) 763-8993


Kingman Municipal Court
219 North 4th Street
Kingman, AZ 86401
Phone: (928) 753-8193


Lake Havasu Consolidated Court - Municipal
2001 College Drive, Suite 148
Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403
Phone: (928) 453-0705
Fax: (928) 680-0193


North Canyon Consolidated Court - Municipal
2100 South Hwy 389
P.O. Box 3160
Colorado City, AZ 86021
Phone: (928) 875-8700
Fax: (928) 875-2495

Mohave County District Court Records

District Courts are trial courts of general jurisdiction. District Courts preside over criminal cases, including misdemeanors and felonies, and civil cases, such as personal injury claims, family law matters, and contract disputes. They also preside over pretrial motions and other procedural matters relating to criminal and civil lawsuits. District Courts serve as the trial courts where lawsuits are filed and heard by the judges or jury for the first time.

Mohave County does not have a dedicated District Court. Instead, the Superior Court serves as the trial court in the county. They preside over civil cases including estate, divorce, annulments, probate, and marriage disputes over real estate property. The Mohave Superior Courts also have jurisdiction over felony criminal cases.

Persons interested in obtaining Mohave Superior Court records may obtain the documents online through the Public Access to Court Information. Record seekers must have the case name or case number to commence the search. In addition, searchers must choose Mohave Superior Courts on the drop-down menu to access court records from the county.

The eAccess portal also provides access to Mohave Superior Court records that are open to the public. However, the portal has had civil and criminal cases filed since July 1, 2010, to the present. Record seekers may search for court records by party name, case name, or case event. There is a fee to purchase the records and additional charges for electronically certified documents.

Mohave County Criminal Records

Criminal records contain an individual's encounter with law enforcement agencies. Criminal records, also called rap sheets or arrest records, detail a person's criminal history including arrests and convictions. Information in Mohave County criminal records includes record holders identifying information, arrest details, charges, arresting agency, booking information, bail details, court dates, convictions, and detentions.

Mohave County arrest records are public records and are open to the public. The Mohave County Sheriff’s Department is the record custodian for Mohave criminal records. Interested persons may access the records by writing a request and completing the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office Request for Reports Form. It costs $5.00 per report, payable with checks. Record seekers may purchase the record in person or by mail. The physical and mailing address is at:

Mohave County Sheriff’s Office
600 West Beale Street
P.O. Box 1191
Kingman, AZ 86402

Mohave County Criminal Court Case Lookup

Court records are the documents generated in court during a criminal case. The Clerk of the Superior Court is the record custodian. Record seekers may access the records through the Public Access to Court Information or the eAccess Portal. Both platforms grant access to criminal cases heard in the county. The record seeker must have the case name, file number, or case event to view the records. Electronically certified copies of Mohave County criminal court records are available on the eAccess Portal. However, the platform offers criminal court records from July 1, 2010, to date.

Record seekers may also order the record in person or by mail. Mail for criminal court records must include a written request with specific information on the criminal court record sought. Walk-in requesters may look up the records themselves at the Clerk of Court Office. The record custodian charges a fee to obtain criminal records.

Get Mohave County Civil Court Records

Civil court records are the official documents about lawsuits involving disputes between individuals, businesses, or government agencies. Civil cases do not involve criminal charges. Mohave County civil court cases include guardianship, conservatorship, estate administration, annulment, divorce, child custody, child support, spousal support, civil claims for damages for $10,000 and above, contract disputes, landlord/tenant disputes, and real estate litigation.

The Mohave County Superior Courts have jurisdiction over civil court cases in the county. Persons interested in obtaining civil court records may utilize the eAccess Portal or the Public Access to Court Information. These platforms provided by the Arizona Judicial Branch provide access to all civil cases filed or heard across the state, including Mohave County. Although the eAccess Portal has civil court records from July 1, 2010, to the present, the platform offers record seekers access to electronically certified copies of civil court records.

Civil court records are also accessible at the Mohave County Superior Courts. Interested persons may visit the office in person to view the records or mail a written request for the records. All searchers must have the case name, case number, or case event to look up or purchase the records. Viewing the records at the courthouse is free. However, the Clerk of the Superior Court charges a fee to obtain copies of the records.

Mohave County Family Court Records

Family Courts are specialized courts that preside over legal matters related to family matters and domestic issues. Family Courts hear and resolve disputes involving families and individuals to protect the rights and well-being of all parties involved.

There are no distinct Family Courts in Mohave County. However, the Family Division within the Mohave Superior Court handles all family-related lawsuits, and they preside over divorce, alimony, paternity, adoption, domestic violence, guardianship, and juvenile dependency. Mohave County Family Court records are public records. However, Arizona law restricts public access to sensitive Family Court records or portions of the court record.

Mohave County Family Court records are accessible for free online through the Public Access to Court Information. However, persons who require certified copies of the record may utilize the eAccess Portal. The platform provides electronically certified copies of the record and requires users to register before ordering the records. There are various fees associated with obtaining certified or regular copies of the record using the eAccess Portal. Both platforms require searchers to have the case name, case number, or case event to view the records.

Mohave Dissolution of Marriage Records

Dissolution of marriage is the legal process to terminate a marital union. Marriage dissolution brings an end to all marital responsibilities. Mohave County treats marriage dissolution as divorce. Therefore, Mohave's dissolution of marriage records is maintained by the Superior Courts. Record seekers may contact the court clerk’s office with the case details and pay the required fees to obtain the records.

Mohave County Marriage and Divorce Records

Marriage records are official documents confirming the legal union of a couple. However, divorce records issued by the government bring a marriage union to an end. Mohave County marriage records and divorce records are open to the public per state law. The Clerk of the Superior County is the record custodian for marriage and divorce records, and interested persons may obtain certified or uncertified copies of the records in person, by phone, fax, mail, or email.

All requests for Mohave County marriage certificates or divorce records must include the Records Request Form provided by the Clerk of Superior Court. Mail requests must include a self-addressed and stamped envelope and a check or money order for the fees. Persons making a Fax request for the records may pay the copying fees using credit cards. The court charges $30.00 to obtain certified copies of marriage or divorce records. Persons purchasing the records in person may visit any of the Superior Court Offices within its business hours, usually from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm for the Kingman Office and 8:30 a.m. -12:00 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. for Lake Havasu City and Bullhead City Offices. Record seekers may call (928) 753-0713 or Fax: (928) 718-4930 the Clerk of Court Office during their business hours to order the records. Also, email requests for marriage and divorce records can send the completed form to

Mohave Birth and Death Records

Birth and death records form part of Mohave County's vital records. Birth records are official documents containing information about an individual's death. Death records, issued by the government, provide information on the death of a person. Mohave County birth records serve as proof of identity required during legal processes such as obtaining a driver's license or claiming benefits. Death records are required for filing insurance claims or settling the estate of the deceased.

The Mohave County Department of Public Health processes birth and death records in the county and issues the same to eligible persons upon written requests. Arizona law restricts the public from accessing birth and death records to protect its citizens. Consequently, only the following persons are permitted by law to order birth and death records.

  • A person named on the record -birth records
  • Parents
  • Spouses
  • Grandparents, grandchildren
  • Adult children
  • Adult sibling
  • Legal guardian
  • Persons designated with power of attorney
  • Persons designated in a court order
  • Attorney of the person named on the record
  • Beneficiary of the deceased estate
  • Insurance company, healthcare institution, funeral director, and financial institution -for death records

Eligible persons may order the records by mail or Dropbox. Record seekers must complete the Request for Certified Copy of Arizona Birth Certificate to order Mohave County birth certificates. Likewise, persons ordering death records from the county may fill out the Request for Certified Copy of Arizona Death Certificate. All requests for birth and death records must include the application forms, a copy of a government-issued photo identification card, proof of eligibility, and the fees. It costs $20.00 per copy of certified birth or death records. The fees are payable with a credit or debit card, cashier's check, money orders, or cash. All persons requesting Mohave County birth and death records must be 18 or older. Persons requesting the records through Dropbox may submit the requests at the secured Dropbox location.

County Administration Building Behind Sheriff’s
700 West Beale Street
Kingman, AZ 86401

Persons ordering the record by mail may send their requests to:

Mohave County Department of Public Health
Attn: Vital Records
P.O. Box 7000
Kingman, AZ 86401

Mohave County Probate Court Records

Probate Courts are specialized courts having jurisdiction over matters relating to the administration of estates, wills, guardianships, and other matters surrounding a person's death. They also handle the payment of debts and taxes of deceased persons and resolve disputes amongst beneficiaries. Mohave County does not have a dedicated Probate Court. Instead, the Mohave Superior Court has a Probate Division that handles all probate-related cases.

Interested persons may obtain probate court records in person, by phone, fax, or mail from the Clerk of the Superior Court's Office. Record seekers may fill out the Records Request Form. The request must include the completed application form, self-addressed and stamped envelope, and money order or check for the fees. It costs $30.00 per certified copy of the probate record requested. Send or drop off the record requests at:

Clerk of Superior Court
Attn: Research Department
P.O. Box 7000
Kingman, AZ 86402-7000
Phone: (928) 753-0713
Fax: (928) 718-4930

Mohave County Property Records

Property records are legal documents containing information about a real estate property. Property record details the ownership, characteristics, description, transaction history, tax information, and lien status. The content of property records includes deeds, title certificates, property tax records, mortgage documents, liens, inspection records, and building permits.

Property records are publicly available in Mohave County. Persons interested in obtaining the records may contact the Mohave County Assessor Office. The Office provides an online Assessor Search Tool to access property information. Record seekers can conduct the search using the real property parcel number, owner name, property address, or personal property number. The Office also permits walk-in requests for property records. The office location is at:

Mohave County Assessor Office
700 W Beale Street
Kingman, AZ 86402

The Mohave County Recorder’s Office also maintains an online public record search for property transactions, such as deeds, mortgages, and easements. Record seekers can search, view, and purchase copies of property records.

Mohave County Court Records Online

Persons interested in accessing Mohave Court records online have options such as the Mohave Superior Court online access or the eAccess Portal. These services are provided by the courts in the county or state and, in some instances, by the judicial branch. However, there are also third-party options for accessing Court records for Mohave County residents or others interested in these records. Third-party sources like provide convenient access, as a good amount of information can be accessed from the user's home. They also have records that cut across multiple courts in a county, state, or the whole county. Interested persons who opt to use third-party sources should know sometimes, third-party records are incomplete or may be unreliable.

  • Criminal Records
  • Arrests Records
  • Warrants
  • Driving Violations
  • Inmate Records
  • Felonies
  • Misdemeanors
  • Bankruptcies
  • Tax & Property Liens
  • Civil Judgements
  • Federal Dockets
  • Probate Records
  • Marriage Records
  • Divorce Records
  • Death Records
  • Property Records
  • Asset Records
  • Business Ownership
  • Professional Licenses
  • And More!